Freestanding Bamboo Fireplace Screen

Product Description

Hand Forged, nature-inspired firescreen design

 Our bamboo firescreens, both the free-standing and the firescreen doors are made with a process similar to glass-blowing, so each 'knuckle' of the bamboo is different, just as in nature. Other companies approximate the knuckle by attaching small two or three small rings to delineate the 'knuckle' or joint area.Our technique however is laborious and time-consuming with a lot of material wasteage but I'm sure you will agree from the detail the results are stunning and well worth the effort!
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*Each screen is backed with closely woven wire mesh to help stop sparks.

*All screens include a matte or satin black finish.

*Additional finishes are also available. Please click here for color samples.

*All our products can be customized to meet your needs and wants. Please submit a quote or call our Customer Service Department at 1.800.377.4231 for pricing and turnaround times.



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