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    What is Art Deco?

Its name was coined from the 1925 Paris France Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes. Art Deco takes its inspiration from aspects of Cubism, constructivism (mainly a Russian movement ) and Futurism (mainly an Italian movement). Its geometric, often overlapping shapes and simplification celebrate and mimic the growing mechanization of industry and its new techniques, reflected in overlapping and repetitive images and with later developments of smooth, sleek forms paying homage to the newly discovered science of aerodynamics in the 1930s.
Our screens are made with carefull attention to period details that you would expect on the original version. We have spent many years perfecting our ironworking techniques to provide you with museum quality art deco fire screens.

Art Deco collection

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Burnished Art Deco Fireplace Screen Doors


From $1,869.60
Art Deco firescreen doors

Burnished Art Deco Fireplace Screen Doors


Art Deco door Design Have your martini shaken not stirred with a new twist to our Art Deco fireplace screen. A rich, burnished finish takes our original design to a whole new level that screams with integrity and sophistication.Seen here with antique gold, silver and burnished finishes.       *Each screen is backed with closely woven wire mesh t...

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